Art Week Exeter

This Watermotor Makes No Sense Unless I’m Doing It with You (2016) will be screened at Art Week Exeter as part of The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival.

Open May 22–28, 10h–18h
AWEsome Art Space
27 Paris Street, Exeter, UK

Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival VI

Despite it’s current prevalence in degree shows, commercial exhibitions and international biennales, video art can still be overlooked in contemporary galleries. The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival series offers artists the opportunity to have their films screened in a cinema setting where they will be watched in their entirety.

Screening on March 29, 19h–21h
The Bomb Factory,
Unit 2 Boothby Road, London, UK

Hold Me Now – Feel and Touch in an Unreal World

On Friday Night, 23 March, Rietveld Uncut will expand through Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with a programme of performances and installations.

The piece “Mines and Marrow” will be performed by

Nadja Voorham
Moa Holgersson
Cornelia Isaksson
Annie Åkerman

Open on March 23, 19h–22h
Performances at 19h45, 20h30 & 21h15
Stedelijk Museum,
Museumplein 10,
Amsterdam, NL

Hobart Ah Um

Hobart Ah Um is a festival of jazz, experimental music and art. The exhibition with video works is curated by Sam Mountford.

Open on February 3–4
Cinema One,
78 Murray Street
Hobart, AU

We can be at my place

Performance night with
Warudom Sombatkamrai
Georgia Lucas Going
Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski
Guendalina Cerruti
Nadja Voorham

Open January 31, 19h-21h
Cable Street Studios, London, UK

Interstitial Practices: Extruding Performance

‘Interstitial Practices: Extruding Performance’ is an evening of performances, screenings and interventions.

‘Interstitial practices’ aims to expand the concept of performance beyond its canonic definitions and to encourage live experimentation and hybridization.

Stereotypical behaviours, genders and expectations are questioned and challenged through the works of the invited artists.

Jolien Van Schagen & Meri Karhu
Christopher Kirubi
Nadja Voorham & Victoria Kaldan
Sweet Boy

Performance night on November 23, 18h30–21h30
Kensington Gore
London, UK

Young Boy Dancing Group Euro Tour

Performing with Young Boy Dancing Group on a tour through Europe.

Casper-Malte Augusta
Jorge Benavides
Karim Bounjimar
Ofelia Jarl Ortega
Alexis Martinez
Cian McConn
Maria Metsalu
Antonio Onio
Dushan Petrovich
Vincent Riebeek
Michele Rizzo
Nicolas Roses
Manuel Scheiwiller
Therese Steele



The “CIRCUIT” exhibition is an encounter with a circular movement of varied orientations formed by Danish contemporary artists at the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg and will be on display between 8 and 30 September 2017.

The artists are all part of the Danish art archive, an inviting community where each artist gives rise to the next in a circulatory system—either encouraging the formation or taking parting turns in a circuit and continuum of a repeated path, collisions and rebirth.

The exhibition is an itinerary of continuous curves around an open center dealing with layers of inner realities, exploration of social landscapes, mythical governance and global intervention navigating possibilities of how art, the public and society can interact relationally.

The exhibition is initiated by the international platform Calculation Project is based on intersecting artistic contacts between different countries in the field of contemporary art and is devoted to iterative interactions of general artistic representational process, aimed at further development of cooperation, interdisciplinary connections and intercultural research.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition programme including site-specific performances, live-concerts, artist talks, screenings and much more.

Opening on September 8, 18h30
Street Art Museum
Industrialnyy pr., 50, St Petersburg, RU

Royal College of Art Degree Show

My degree show piece Par Terre will be performed throughout the entire show.

Concept by Nadja Voorham
Performed and developed with Victoria Kaldan

Private view on June 25, 18h–21h
Opening hours 12H–20H, June 24–July 2
Performance schedule:
23/6 – 19:00 (Private view)
25/6 – 15:00
28/6 – 18:30
1/7 – 15:00
2/7 – 15:00
Royal College of Art
Dyson Building, Ground floor
1 Hester Road, London, UK

Rhythmic Osmosis

Rhythmic Osmosis is an exchange among stranger bodies: seven contemporary dancers/movers will be collaborating with seven artists working with performance. Exchange of ideas, practice and examination of the peculiarities and seemingly fine lines in between disciplines will be explored intensively by two bodies paired to create a piece of work together or in conjunction with the other. All forms of conversations, give-and–take dynamics amongst these bodies may result in fluid fusions, discrepancies or even confusions – exciting variation of discoveries and possibilities that the project is strongly hoping to achieve.

The outcome of these exchanges will be two live events open for the public not only to see but also to contemplate on and possibly interact with. The first session will be in the Limehouse Town Hall and the second session will take place at the Royal College of Art.

Rhine Bernardino
Fritz Faust
Ada Hao
Youmee Hwang
Zoe Marden
Nadja Voorham
Luli Perez

Edoardo Mozzanega
Gabriela Flarys
Vaida Vaiciulyte
Andrea Maciel Garcia
Julia Testas
Amira Ramirez
Adam M Moore

Curated by Jeth Reyes & Linda Rocco

Performance night on November 19, 19h–21h
Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Road, London, UK


Continuation on the project “Falling” that started in February 2016. A night performance, suspended between sleep and wakefulness.

Made and performed by: Nadja Voorham, Robin Dingemans and Sybrig Dokter.

Performance on September 9, 23h55–08h
Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7, Stockholm, SE

In the sky when on the floor

Being in limbo can feel right or wrong, bad or good or neither nor. It can oscillate between a winged feeling of something incomplete, a state of restlessness where things are still negotiable or a condition of stagnation where everything seems gridlocked and frustrating, shifting from one thought to another. In this status vulnerability can be disclosed, but also a critical power can be unfolded to change command structures. Look at things from above or from below offer different perspectives, like observing it from the inside or the outside or the past or the present. In this group exhibition the artistic works show a state of transition, a state of ambiguity and in-betweenness often processing some difficult times, which are related to issues of adolescence, identity, territories, gender, god, anger and intimacy.

The exhibition is curated by Iliane Kiefer and Rado Istok.

Ockie Basgül Dogan
Jin Mustafa
Natalia Rebelo
Alice Söderlund
Victoria Verseau

Opening on August 24, 17h
Opening hours Mon–Fri 12h–18h, Sat–Sun 12–17h August 24–28
Galleri Mejan, Exercisplan 3, Stockholm, SE

Rhythm and Disappointment

Performance at the launch for East Anglia Records latest compilation album “Rhythm and Disappointment”.

Performed by: Vanessa da Silva

The night will also feature performances by
Leo Nibz
Madeleine Stack
Mark William Lewis

Open on July 31, 18h–21h
Chalton Gallery, 96 Chalton Street, London, UK

The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters.

Showing the performance “Solo” during the conference “The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters.” at Leiden University, NL.

Performers: Karina Sarkissova, Anne van Duuren.

Performance on July 7, 14h15
Leiden University, Lipsius Building, Cleveringplaats 1, NL


The project Calculation includes the exhibition of Scandinavian artists in the Kurgan Regional Art Museum for the purpose of combining and calculation of existing artistic interests of two countries.


Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir
Chris Petter Spilde
Christina Kousgaard
Clara Ernst
Claudia Egholm Castrone
Erdal Bilici
Frederic Eklöf
Julia Selin
Kirstine Skov Hansen
Kitt Dusinia
Leony Tsoy
Line Sandvad Mengers
Lotte Rose Kjær Skau
Maria Gondek
Mark Tholander
Mette Sanggaard
Nina Flagstad Kvorning
Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen
Rikke Schrader
Roos Holleman
Sandra Blichert
Sophia Ioannou Gjerding
Valentina Makarova-Sekisova

Opening on June 3, 15h
Open June 3–23
Kurgan Regional Art Museum, Kurgan, RU

Being – Doing

Evening with performances by students of the Performance pathway at Royal College of Art, London.

Open on May 23, 18h–20h
Asylum, Caroline Garden’s Chapel, London, UK

Revolve festival

Performing at Revolve festival  together with the other students from Performance pathway at Royal College of Art.

With Rhine Bernardino
Luca Bosani
Jade Blackstock
Whiskey Chow
Gerald Curtis
Helen Davison
Fritz Faust
Isobel Smith
Alice Jacobs
Victoria Kaldan
Joe Mackay
Katie McGurk
Guido Tarricone
Evan Ifekoya

Performance on May 13, 15h–17h
Uppsala Central Railway Station, SE.

“Falling” – Night performance at Weld

“I’m falling asleep. I’m falling into sleep and I’m falling there by the power of sleep. Just as I fall asleep from exhaustion. Just as I drop from boredom. As I fall on hard times. As I fall, in general. Sleep sums up all these falls, it gathers them together.”
Jean-Luc Nancy (The fall of sleep)

Residency and performance with Sybrig Dokter and Robin Dingemans at Weld in Stockholm, SE.

Performance on February 28, 00h–08h
Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7, Stockholm, SE


Showing work at an evening of performance, readings and video in the RCA Dyson Gallery in London, England.

Participating artists:

Whiskey Chow
Evan Ifekoya
Rebecca Jagoe
Victoria Sin
Nadja Voorham

Open on February 23, 19h–21h
RCA Dyson Gallery, 1 Hester Road, London, UK

Work In Progress show RCA

Performance shown at Work in Progress show of the Royal College of Art.

Performers: Nadja Voorham, Nina Kihlborg

Private view on January 22, 18h–21h
Opening hours Sat–Sun 12h–17h, January 23–24
Royal College of Art
Performance studio, Dyson building
Entrance through Hester Road
Howie Street, London, UK

Workshop in Lviv

Giving the final workshop for the project Archaeological Bodies in Lviv, Ukraine, 18th–29th of August.

Performance and exhibition of the project August 29 at 19h
Theatre The Voice of the Word in Lviv, UA

Wiolators: Reykjavík Edition

The Wiolators is an artist collective of eleven international artists. Formed in 2011 in Amsterdam, the Wiolators have since spread over Europe and now annually get together, each time in a new location to make an exhibition dedicated to the site. Last summer The Blackpool Edition, was set in the infamous English seaside town Blackpool which inspired works about fortunetellers, aerobics, melons and birdsongs. This year the Wiolators take on Reykjavík and Kunstschlager Stofa. Working by proxy the three Wiolators on site in Reykjavik have spent the week executing directions received from the absent members creating from afar and on site a show that is remotely site specific.

Participating artists:

Emilia Bergmark (SE)
Thordis Erla Zoega  (IS)
Maria Gondek (DK)
Christopher Holloran (GB)
Judith Kleinemeier (DE)
Kristinn Gudmundsson (IS)
Peter Sattler (AU)
Nadja Voorham (NL/SE)
Andrea Zavala Folache (ES)

Opening on August 8 at 15h
Opening hours 10h–17h, August 8–21
Kunstschlager Stofa, Reykjavík Art Museum, Tryggvagata, 101 Reykjavík, IS

Workshop in Temerin

Giving the final workshop for the project Archaeological Bodies in Temerin, Serbia, 14th–23rd of July.

Presentation of the projecton July 23 at 20h
Cultural Centre of Temerin, SRB

Performing at Notafe festival

Performing “Purpose/Passion/Posture” together with Louise Jacobs at Notafe festival in Viljandi, Estonia.

Performance on July 8 at 19h
Notafe festival, Viljandi, EE

Workshop in Temerin

Giving a workshop for the project Archaeological Bodies in Temerin, Serbia, 19th–28th of May.



Exhibition at 99¢ Plus Gallery

Represented by Three Four Three Four gallery at the exhibition “99¢ Plus Art Shop II” in 99¢ Plus Gallery in New York, United States of America.

Open on May 8 18h–22h
99¢ Plus Gallery, 238 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, New York, US

Libros Mutantes book fair

Represented by Workcentre 232 at the Libros Mutantes book fair in Madrid, Spain.

Open 17h–22h, April 24–26
La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES

Workshop in Lviv pt.2

Giving a workshop within the projects Archaeological Bodies and Waiting in The Margins 13th–23rd of March in Lviv, UA.



Residency at Workcentre 232

Spending a weekend, 17th–18th of January, at Workcentre 232 for a residency with a copy machine.


Performing at Bozar

Performing and filming together with Anne van Duuren in “Movie Set” by Marinella Senatore at the exhibition The Yellow Side of Sociality in Bozar, Brussels, Belgium.

January 11, 10h–18h
Bozar, Rue Ravenstein 23, Brussels, BE 

Performance at Podium

Performing “Purpose/Passion/Posture” together with Louise Jacobs at Podium in Oslo, Norway.

December 17, Performance at 19h
Podium, Hausmannsgate 34, Oslo, NO

Screening ”Videos without ideas”

A video of mine is part of the screening of The One Minutes series “Videos without ideas” at Ellen de Bruijne Projects in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curated by Erkka Nissinen.

November 27, Screening at 17h–18h
Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Rozengracht 207a, Amsterdam, NL

Workshop in Lviv

Giving a workshop within the projects Archaeological Bodies and Waiting in The Margins 23rd of October–2nd of November in Lviv, Ukraine.



Workshop in Novi Sad pt. 2

Giving a workshop for the project Archaeological Bodies in Novi Sad, Serbia, 15th–26th of September.


Exhibition in Blackpool

Part of the group exhibition Tourist Information Center at Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects.

Opening on August 8, 19h–21h
Opening hours Weds–Sat 12h–17h, August 9 – September 20


Performance at Nachtdigital

Performing together with Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Emma Daniel at German music festival Nachtdigital.

August 2, 12h
Bungalowdorf Olganitz, Germany

Exhibition with Wiolators artist collective in Blackpool

Wiolators group exhibition at Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects in Blackpool, England.

Opening on July 11, 17h–21h
Opening hours Weds–Sat 12h–17h, July 11–26
59 Cookson Street, Blackpool, England


Duo show with Christopher Holloran in which we present our works ‘Fully Functional Family (ffFamily)’ and ‘Butter with bread tastes so much better than bread with butter’.

Opening on June 1, 18h–22h
kunstenaarsinitiatief beyoncé, Van Kinsbergenstraat 38, Amsterdam, NL


Workshop in Novi Sad

Giving a workshop for the project Archaeological Bodies in Novi Sad, Serbia, 15th–21th of May.


Book exhibition

Showing a work of mine at the exhibition ABBA – art books by artists.

Opening on May 9, 19h–01h
Open until May 11 at 18h
Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, NL


Performance at HENK

Participating with a performance at the music and art festival HENK at the NDSM–werf in Amsterdam.

Open on April 12, 15h–06h
My performance can be seen from 21h–00h30

Performance at Sodom&Gomorrah

In our first collaboration Anne van Duuren and me will let you take part of our research on collected movements from the street and what the conditions for synchronicity within a system of these gestures might look like.

March 9, 17h–21h
Sodom&Gomorrah, Heesterveld 75, Metro Bullewijk


Pictures of performance at festival:display

I sat at the entrance of the venue with a laptop writing short sentences describing the passers-by. Inside visitors encountered a printer that continuously was printing out the captions from the street, with the chance of finding themselves in the pile of A4s.


Public assembly, an alternative summer show

Participating with a new piece for the library of a one-day exhibition organized by Free Cooper Union UK (FCUUK) in London at The White Building, 7 Queens Yard.

Open on June 30 between 14h–21h

Performance at Weld in Stockholm

Showing a new work at festival:display in Stockholm.

Saturday June 15, 14h–19h

Exhibition at Outpost in Amsterdam

Solo show that is a continuation of the concluding exhibition in Lisbon of my residency.

Opening on March 15 at 16h
Opening hours 14h–17h, March 16–17
March 18–31 by appointment only
Jan Tooropstraat 35, Amsterdam, NL


Exhibition in Lisbon

Two day exhibition at Galeria SDM where I’m showing the result of my residency in Lisbon. At 18h on the night of the opening visitors are invited to participate in a performance in which they will block the sunset at the miradouro of Senhora do Monte.

Friday 1st of March 17h–20h
Saturday 2nd of March 15h–19h
Galeria SDM, Rua da Senhora do Monte 37, Lisbon, PT


Residency in Lisbon

The 14th of January I will start a six week residency at The Barber Shop in Lisbon, Portugal.


After the buzz

Invited by of Your Life and curated by Maze de Boer, After the buzz is a collaborative effort. One gym. Six artists. Swapping memories and connotations of the gym resulted in one single collective work, that utilizes the existing qualities of the space.

November 23 – December 2
Sint Nicolaas Lyceum, Prinses Irenestraat 21, Amsterdam, NL